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Technology services should do more than deliver results, they should give you peace of mind and we offer that.
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We know that many businesses that don't have proper IT solutions in place not only fall behind in work and competition but this also provides extra stress for your employees. We're here to help you get around that with our large network of expert IT consultants.

We take your in-house business and show you how to increase productivity and reduce the work load. Then we examine the need for your online web presence and/or an e-commerce solution that suits your business.

How we Increase Productivity?
With most businesses there are repetitive things that take time like data entry, documentation, sales, and more. How much better would things be if you had a program that automated most of the work and cut your work load in half and reduces the chance of error to almost 0%? Automating a process can save you hours a day, which in turn gives you time to grow your business.

How we Help you Grow your Business?
We can develop a website for your business or help your current website gain more targeted traffic. Depending on what type of business you have we know what websites work, how to structure them so search engines like Google see you and people who search for your business find you with the right keywords.

Websites are so much more than just a .com, a description, a few pictures, and a map on how to get to your business. It's like building a house in the middle of the forest and expecting people to find you. You need structure in your website, great content, proper keywords, proper tags, links to your site on other respected popular websites, news articles written about your company, social media, and so much more just to get started.

When a Project is Completed
When your project is completed you are left with an easy to use design and/or instructions for future employees of your company to understand. Our goal is to design an environment so comfortable to you that you'll never know how you lived without it before. We have affordable rates and can work either by hour or by project, contact us today for a free no obligation quote for your project.

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"Vinade Solutions developed an application that integrated the database with inventory management. They developed a software application that made life so much easier. It was easy to use and reliable. We couldn't be happier!"
Debbie Brenna - Senior Sales Assistant

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"I found their consultants to be very knowledgeable, when I call they are always here to assist."
Lucy - Partner/Mortgage Broker


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Our IT Services Provided

IT Development Services   Development Services
Point4 Application Development Point4 Automated Scripting
Point4 Website Development Point4 Web Services
Point4 Form Automation (Word, WordPerfect, etc) Point4 E-Commerce
Point4 Database Design and Integration Point4 Application Network Distribution

Online Consulting Services   Online Services
Point4 Website Hosting Point4 SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Marketing)
Point4 Remote Network Support Point4 Online Advertising Campaigns

IT Support/Help   On-Site Services & IT Support
Point4 Strategic IT Planning Point4 VPN Solutions
Point4 Networking Point4 Migrations & Rollouts
Point4 Systems Integration Point4 Business Continuity Planning
Point4 IT Assessments Point4 Spam and Virus Support
Point4 Web Protection Services Point4 Email Archival Services
Point4 Peripheral Support Point4 Security
Point4 Project Management Point4 Monitoring & Maintenance
Point4 Disaster and Data Backup & Recovery Point4 Training

Our Development History
We have released many products like our Real Estate Software QuickOffer and Legal Software LexWrite for Ontario and we can do the same for you. We have designed applications in a flexible fashion to house multiple business environments and needs for form automation and more with our Forms Reader application. We have also given people the ability to create their own forms with the Forms Creator.

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